Why Siteground Closed Their services in India?


I was trying to purchase siteground hosting from India but it is showing Not serviceable area. It seems siteground BAN in India.

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    I have recently talked to one os siteground executive about their closing is india and comeback plan but they are not planning to come back, here is the exact statement from him.

    We aim to comply with the dynamically changing local legislation everywhere we do business. This means that we respect the requirements of local governments in terms of doing business with their citizens and lately more and more countries are introducing new laws asking foreign entities like ours to comply. Unfortunately, for some regions, we have evaluated that the expected compliance will result in heavy taxation, which at the moment we cannot afford to incur and decided to pull away. Unfortunately, we had to stop servicing several countries and regions like India due to specific local requirements that we must comply with.

    If you didn’t get what he is saying, let me explain you.

    India has strictly applied 18% GST on services which caused them to share 18% on every order + in renewable. 18% GST is not something that can be neglected in hosting market due to competitive prices. And hence they closed the shutter of siteground in India

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