What is Thrive Suite?


What is Thrive Suite? Is it worth its price ?

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    ThriveThemes is considered to be the best sales funnel or page builder for WordPress in term of conversion-friendly and clean look. But recently they changed their business strategy.

    Thrve Suite ie nothing but a package of all thrive products it is very similar to their membership but new name.

    According to Rosanna from thrivethemes, she mentioned in one of affiliate mail –

    After long and thoughtful consideration, we decided to change our business model from selling single plugins with different number of licenses and a membership offer that gave access to all of our tools to selling only the membership.

    This change will also come with a rebranding. From the 1st of February, the product that was formerly known as the “Thrive Membership” will be called “Thrive Suite”.

    People will be able to buy Thrive Suite for $90/quarter or $228/year.

    So Thrive Suite is nothing but Rebranded name of thrive membership.

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