Kadence vs DIVI – Which one is better in 2021?


I just wanted to know about Kadence and DIVI Comparison. Which one is best in 2021 after Google’s web vital update.

Please Elaborate.

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    Hey Roy,

    Both Kadence and DIVI are good themes but it depends on the purpose of using the theme, Let me give you a detailed comparison and my opinion about Kadence vs DIVI Theme.

    Kadence vs DIVI Comparison

    Kadence is a multipurpose theme but slightly tilted towards blogging and normal business and portfolio websites. It is built on a framework of WordPress block editor which make this theme the best blogging theme.

    On the other hand, DIVI is a fancy theme with inbuilt page builder which make it a Funnel Builder like the theme which can be used to design fancy landing pages, sales funnel and other stuff that needs a lot of designing stuff.

    So If you are looking for a theme for your blog website you must go with Kadence theme or other similar to kadence like Bloksy, Astra, GeneratePress etc.

    But If you are looking for a theme for landing pages or sales funnels or stuff like that, go blindly with DIVI.

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