How to speed up WordPress site without plugin?


Is there any way to speed up WordPress Websites without plugin?

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    Site speed optimization starts with your WordPress web hosting. The process is not too different from the one used to optimize a website hosted on a shared or a dedicated server. You need to follow the steps I have mentioned below:

    Ask your cloud hosting provider
    Install a specialized caching plugin
    Content Delivery Network won’t Disappoint You
    Look for Inactive Plugins or for Plugins that Don’t Work Properly
    Compress Media Files
    Compress Your Website’s Size
    Check if the Website and the Database are in the Same Data Center
    Optimize Your Website’s Homepage
    Update Update Update
    Disable Hotlinking
    Minify JavaScript and CSS Files
    Use Light Weight Theme
    Control Post Revisions

    The 1st one always found helpful because having the fastest WordPress hosting helps in improving the speed of a website.


    First of all speed of website do not depend on a single factor, It is affected by many factors like coding, server resources, server response time, CDN, DNS resolving etc.

    A speed optimization plugin only solves the problem of codings like minifying Javascript and CSS. but other factors depends on hosting and your server location. In many cases people use CDNs to optimize website Speed.

    So yes, it is possible to increase website speed without installing WordPress plugin but if you want to speed it up effectively, You must optimize your website code.


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