Astra vs Kadence vs GeneratePress vs OceanWP vs Blocksy


Astra vs Kadence vs GeneratePress vs OceanWP vs Blocksy -Which one is best?

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    Actually all the theme you have mentioned are mainly used in blogging but they do have few differences, let’s compare Astra vs Kadence vs GeneratePress vs OceanWP vs Blocksy below

    Astra Theme

    Astra is one of the best selling multi-purpose WordPress theme available in the market with good features and best performance. From the term multi-purpose I just wanted to tell that this theme can be used in eCommerce as well as Blog website.

    Also, they do have additional compatibility for LMS plugins like LearnPress for making it more flexible for customers.

    Who can use Astra?

    Astra is mostly used by bloggers due to its clean and fast loading speed but If you are looking for a theme suitable for blog+products with all Important features, you can go with Astra.

    Kadence WordPress Theme

    The main competitor in the market for Astra theme is Kadence Theme developed by KadenceWP with more features and customizable flexibility.

    When it comes to the feature comparison of kadence theme with all of its competitors, Kadence is a winner in every aspect. It has very clean and optimized designs for better performance and less bounce back.

    Who can use Kadence?

    Kadence is a multipurpose theme and hence it can be used by any type of website. Unlike other multipurpose themes which have limited flexibility in eCommerce or design, Kadence breaks this rule and take a step ahead by providing almost all option you need in your theme.

    It can be used by Bloggers, Ecommerce Store Owners, Agency, LMS etc.

    GeneratePress WordPress Theme

    GeneratePress WordPress theme is one of lightest WordPress theme available in the market with all essential features and customization possibilities for BLOGGERS.

    I will not say that this theme has very advanced features because it is not a multipurpose theme, this theme is solely built for bloggers, who write only posts on their website.

    Who can use GeneratePress?

    GeneratePress can be used by bloggers who don’t need too much designing and they just need to focus on the performance of the website. This theme will never let you down in term of performance but in term of flexibility and customization, you have to compromise.

    OceanWP WordPress Theme

    OceanWP is also very similar to GeneratePress but it can come to category multipurpose due to Woocommerce compatibility. It also focuses mainly on performance and that’s the reason core version of the theme does not come with a lot of features.

    You have to purchase an additional addon plugin for every additional feature.

    Who can use OceanWP?

    OceanWP can be used by bloggers who are a little more concerned about the look of their blog. This theme will definitely be the best option for clean, minimal and responsive blog website. But I will never recommend you this theme because you have other great options available.


    In last, I just wanted to tell that, it is you, who have to decide which one is the best theme for you in 2021. Because, as I already mentioned, using a theme is a subjective matter.

    But If you will ask me to choose among these, I will prefer to go with Kadence Pro as it have all feature and flexibility you need in your website.

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